Civil Life Rye Stout Ale
United States - Missouri - St. Louis

On the heels of our prize-winning Rye Pale Ale comes this dark arts edition; another startling Old World meets New World mash-up. Every beer is a three part harmony of grain + hops + yeast, but in our Rye Stout each singer is a strong soloist too. Rye grain contributes a crisp edginess, subtle spice, with enhanced mouthfeel and foam retention. Dark pumpernickel bread, burnt toast, chocolate donuts dunked in medium roast coffee, cran-grape cocktail, dank resiny bitterness but then some sneaky candy sweetness build-up too. One of the best and smoothest stouts you’ll ever encounter, if you dare!

COLOR: opaque black with persistent light brown foam and lace
BJCP STYLE: 23. Specialty Beer based upon 13E. American Stout
NOTABLE INGREDIENTS: Pale Malt, three different forms of rye grain, caramel and chocolate malts, debittered black malt, US hops, UK yeast.

draft only

Producer Information: Civil Life Brewing Co

Jake Hafner had just decided to sell his wine bar, named 33, and begin his next food and drink venture. It was around that time that 33 employee Dylan Mosley ...
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