Susquehanna Orange Is The New Ale

Producer: Susquehanna Brewing Company

Susquehanna’s refreshing ale is the ideal base for a sweet-citrus pure blood orange juice addition. The blend is so thirst-quenching that your first sip makes you want to kick back under a tree and drink another – and another. Then go for an easy-breezy barefoot walk. And you should. Because now is the perfect time for an easy-breezy barefoot walk

Susquehanna Orange Is The New Ale

ABV: 4.7%
Special Ingredients: Fresh Blood Orange Juice

Product Formats:

Item Number Unit Units/Case Type UPC - bottle SRP/Unit UPC - 6-pack UPC - outer case
BXX399028BMS 12 oz 24 Glass TBD TBD 0 81866 60133 4 TBD
BVV399029BMS 5.17 G 1 Keg N/A NL N/A N/A
BRR399030BMS 15.5 G 1 Keg N/A NL N/A N/A