Azienda Agricola Ottella
Italy - Veneto

Azienda Agricola Ottella was founded in 1880 by the Montresor family; a grape growing family for many generations. The winery is located at the Southern end of Lake Garda, near Peschiera del Garda in the D.O.C. (northwest Italy). The name ‘Ottella’ comes from a legend that says some octuplets were born at the farm in the 16th century.

The winery remains in the family today, owned by Lodovico, Francesco and Michele Montresor. They own 25 hectares (61.75 acres) of Trebbiano di Lugana (known locally as ‘Turbiana’). Trebbiano di Lugana is genetically similar to Verdicchio, according to many experts, but in phenological, agronomical and enological terms, it stands apart. Recent studies at Milan University confirmed that the genome of “Trebbiano di Lugana” has characteristics that cannot be attributed to other Trebbiani.

The winery uses a traditional double bow Guyot system. The soil is of glacial origin: the melting ice and the debris that is carried toward the valley formed an amphitheater of moraine hills, leaving the Lugana basin in its wake. There are varying layers of sediment, with thin layers of loamy and rough clay. The clay content varies from place to place, leaving so called ‘leopard spots’.

The family also owns a small parcel called "Le Creete", planted on a white chalky soil (which gives its wine exceptional character).

Producer Details
Wine Production Area
Italy - Veneto - Lugana DOC
Lodovico, Francesco and Michele Montresor
62 acres (25 hectares)
Grape Varietal(s)
Trebbiano di Lugana (Turbiana)