Wort Hog Brewing

With a passion for exceptional beer and customer service, Cris Bezdek, Matt Lutz, and Lou Oliva founded Wort Hog Brewing Company LLC in 2015. The goal was to create a craft brewery that would provide a variety of signature favorites, seasonal rotations, and experiential style beers.

Brew master Jeremy Hunt is a highly decorated brewing industry veteran with over 13 years of professional brewing experience. Jeremy joined Wort Hog after working as the brewmaster at Deep Ellum Brewing Company in Dallas, TX. Jeremy had stretches at other world class breweries such as Ipswich Ale Brewery, Redhook, and as Head Brewer at Dogfish Head.

Wort Hog has four half barrel and one full barrel fermenters, with expansion plans for an additional 2 half barrels and 2 full barrels. The brew house is an elevated platform with their hot liquor tank, boil kettle, and mash tun – working capacity of each being 15 BBL. Their main taproom bar is located directly under the brite tanks - what better way to enjoy a beer than while sitting under 15 tons of it? They also have a mezzanine, rooftop bar & seating area, and outdoor patio.


Producer Details
United States - Virginia - Warrenton