Alexandre M
France - Loire Valley

Alexandre M is one of our latest project in the Loire Valley from one of our oldest wine connections/friendships. Alexandre Monmousseau sold Chateau Gaudrelle a few years ago and he is now "playing" with some small cuvées elaborated by him and some of his friends he made along his adventure. He is quite established in the region as the Monmousseau family started in the wine business in 1886.  Alexandre studied wine at the Lycée Viticole de Beaune, in Burgundy. He is also a full-time wine-making teacher at the Lycée Professionnel Viticole D'Amboise.

According to Alexandre, The Loire Valley is the perfect place to grow Chenin Blanc thanks to the Loire River that connects the vineyards to the Atlantic Ocean bringing a unique freshness and balance. As you get closer to the Ocean, the air is slightly warmer and a little more humid, which softens the effect of the climate.

His goals are: 

  • to find what he calls "Pépites terroir Uniques" (Unique terroir gems).
  • to vinify wines with very low amount of sulfur, using indigenous yeast, with either amphora, stainless steel tanks or neutral oak barrels. 
  • to age the wines on the lees in order to let the Chenin express itself and reach the perfect balance for each cuvée. 


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France - Loire Valley - Vouvray
Alexandre Monmousseau