Calvados Morin

The history of Calvados Morin began in 1889 in La Haye de Calleville in the Risle Valley, before Pierre Morin succeeded his father and transferred his small family business to Brionne, and then finally to Ivry la Bataille, a charming small town in Normandy’s Eure Valley. Calvados Morin was set up in 1945 in the former facilities of the Thélème Distillery, a famous liquor at that time.

The key element is its unique aging facilities, particularly the large underground cellars where several hundred small oak barrels containing the brandy can be stored. Dug into the chalky hills of the Eure Valley, the long galleries go deep into the cliff. The extremely humid atmosphere is perfect for the Calvados aging process, allowing the alcohol content to decrease naturally and create a remarkably smooth brandy.

Today, the company is run by Mr. Viry, father and son, who succeeded Pierre Morin. Mr Jacques Viry had been in the company since 1945 and took it over in 1994. His son Pierre-Yves continues the traditions in the footsteps of their founder. 

The company was one of the first to send Calvados to the United States.

Producer Details
France - Normandy - Ivry la Bataille
Pierre-Yves Viry