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2015 Chateau Bellevue Cotes de Bordeaux Castillon Cé-Ma-Cuvée - 93 PTS - W&S

wine and spirits logo 250"Céline Lydoire focuses this wine on Bellevue's old merlot plots, blending in cabernet franc from southern exposures on gravelly soils. It's her top selection, treated to 18 months in new 400-liter oak barrels; she started making it at the behest of her French customers, who wanted a step up from her cool and refreshing Cuvée Tradition. This is just as cool, but more saturated in its distincly Castillon fruit flavor - think wild strawberries and blueberries with an earthy mineral undercurrent. That silky fruit gains its supple impression from the new oak, which boosts the textural richness. As I thought about how to score this wine, I found myself writing, "If that were from California, I'd be all over it." Absolutely. But it's also got Castillon limestone clarity. And, it's $27. Buy a case. You won't be sorry."
- Wine & Spirits Magazine (June 2019), 93 pts

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