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Wine News & Reviews

2016 Bressia Lagrima Canela - 94 PTS - Descorchados

descorchados2018 logo"This wine is a blend that’s on the way to become a classic on the Argentine wine scene. The first vintage was 2006 and since then has shown the potential of first the Chardonnay from Gualtallary, and then, the Semillón from Agua Amarga. Both the Chardonnay and Semillón vines were planted in the mid-90’s. The wine is aged between 8 and 12 months in new oak barrels and as a result, it needs time. In a young wine, like this 2015, the wood tends to play a major role, but checking on earlier vintages we see how the wood gives way to the weight of the fruit, thanks to the heft of this white with the structure of a red."
- Descorchados, 94 pts

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