2bar Spirits Distillery

Seattle WA United States

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More than a century ago the Kaiser family settled in South Texas and established the 2bar Ranch. Five generations of Kaisers have ranched the land under the 2bar brand. Rumors of moonshining are also part of the family tree, but that’s not what people remember about 2bar and the Kaiser family. 2bar stands for quality, independence and hard work. Nathan Kaiser brings these values to 2bar Spirits where bourbon and moonshine are handcrafted in a grain-to-glass production.
For more than a century the family has stood for quality, independence and hard work. Now those characteristics transcend to 2bar Spirits, handcrafted in Seattle, Washington.

Date Founded: 2012
Owner: Nathan Kaiser
Winery Philosophy: Grain-to-glass production

2bar Spirits was founded in 2010 by Nathan Kaiser in Seattle, Washington and opened officially on October 20th, 2012. With a commitment to grain-to-glass production, we purchase our grain directly from Washington State farmers, mill, mash, ferment, distill, age and bottle absolutely everything onsite.

The early years were focused on laying down Bourbon Whiskey. That single minded focus has allowed us to grow to meet an ever increasing demand.

2bar Bourbon is the first all local, made in Seattle bourbon ever.