Bodegas Amaren

Country/Region: Spain - Rioja - Rioja

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AMAREN is a Spanish winery, created in 1995 by Juan Luís Cañas, the owner and manager of Bodegas Luís Cañas.

This 52-hectare winery is located in the town of Villabuena, in the Rioja Alavesa wine region.
They produce exceptional wines from quite old vines vineyards.

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Date Founded: 1995
Owner: Juan Luís Cañas

amaren motherAmaren, “a mother’s wine”, began with the 1995 vintage as a tribute to Ángeles, the mother of the cellar owner Juan Luis Cañas, who currently guides our family’s destiny. AMAREN, which means “of the mother” in Basque, was the first wine conceived, made and sold by Bodegas Luis Cañas to position itself among the most outstanding wines in the country. Our mother, Ángeles, was a tireless worker right up to her death. She devoted her whole life to working on the land and in the winery alongside her husband, Luis Cañas, and her enthusiastic, kind charac5ter is present in every one of our wines.

In 2009, Juan Luis Cañas saw his dream come true, dedicating not just a wine but a whole winery to his mother. Bodegas Amaren were born. The same year, two new wines appeared, always with the family link, the philosophy and love of the vineyard: our signature wine Ángeles de Amaren and the cask-fermented White wine from old vineyards.
Amaren is the pursuit of perfection in all areas: the vineyard, the selection process, winemaking method and ageing to obtain wines which enthuse and bring pleasure.



Winery Acreage: 129 acres
Varietals Produced: TEMPRANILLO: The most important indigenous red variety in the D.O. RIOJA, and one of the biggest varieties in the world. It produces wines that age well, are very balanced, with color and acidity.
GRACIANO: An indigenous red variety with a great future in Rioja. The planted area keeps increasing. It produces wines with considerable acidity and polyphonelic content, whose aroma is superior in intensity to the rest of the Rioja varities. A perfect complement to the Tempranillo for ageing.
VIURA: The most extensive white variety in Rioja. It produces fruity wines, with a floral aroma and a notable degree of acidity, ideal for producing both young white and vintage wines.
MALVASÍA: A White variety that produces wines of great oiliness and aromatic intensity.

Bodega Amaren's greatest asset is having excellent vineyards and expert in the management and selection. The vines are planted on slopes or terraced banks, between 450 and 600 meters in altitude, with perfect sun exposure where the soil is poor -  ideal for obtaining maximum quality vines. The vineyards are protected to the north by the imposing presence of the Sierra Cantabria.
Small plots barely amount to one hectare in size, so working them is really hard and painstaking work.
They farm 22 hectares of vines over 60 years of age and 30 hectares between 30 and 60 years. Some vines are over a hundred year-old. The old vineyards achieve a perfect balance given their low production level, having very deep roots that offer the wines complexity, minerality and personality as well as making them more resistant to drought.
The vines are controlled by their agronomic engineers following the guidelines of rational, environmentally friendly viticulture.
All the treatments in the vineyard are restricted to minimally aggressive methods such as the prohibition of herbicides and the use of only organic fertilizers. The purpose is to make use of a vineyard with a powerful defensive system that is capable of being defended from external threats with no need for artificial assistance. In this way we achieve complete respect for the land. The native soil is a fundamental part of the distinguishing personality of each region. We also manage to make the vines healthier.

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The Climate is mainly Atlantic, with the protection provided by the Sierra Cantabria from the coldest northern winds. Continental and Mediterranean influences.
The average annual temperature oscillates between 12.6º and the 13.2º. There are large fluctuations in the temperature between the morning and the night at harvest time, which is very positive for the quality of the grapes.
Average rainfall is around 400 mm and 600 mm.