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The history of Calvados Morin began in 1889. Handed down from father to son, it is one of the oldest Normandy companies, specialized in making and blending Top Quality Calvados. Each year the Calvados is rewarded for its elegance and exceptional character. Located in Ivry-la-Bataille, a charming small town in the Eure Valley, Calvados Morin's ageing facilities are unique in Normandy with underground Troglodyte caves of over 200 years of age.

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The art of tasting Calvados Morin
The Calvados Morin can be appreciated as an aperitif, during a meal or as an after dinner digestive.
Used in many cocktails, calvados adds a surprisingly festive touch. It can also accompany sole fillets, and is delicious with roast fowl and in patisseries. Amateurs like to drink it after the meal as a digestive. Served in a brandy or tulip glass, it will gently warm up to reveal its complete bouquet. It should be tasted in small mouthfuls giving it time to delight the taste buds. Once the glass is empty, it will still give off lingering notes of wood, candied fruit and spice.
From the Diamond Collection to the Selection grade, Calvados Morin’s range, produced according to pure tradition, is an original and precious gift for all significant occasions.

Date Founded: 1945
Owner: Pierre-Yves VIRY

Normandy, land of history
Situated in the north west of France, Normandy had marked history, from the 10th century Viking houses, to the Second World War. Its prairies and coast have inspired many authors along with artists such as Claude Monet. Apple trees flourish in this green countryside giving rise to the best of Eau-de-vie. The whole art of Calvados Morin and its Cellar Master is to enhance calvados derived from ciders obtained by the natural fermentation of apple juice.

The history of Calvados Morin began in 1889 in La Haye de Calleville in the Risle Valley, before Pierre Morin succeeded his father and transferred his small family business to Brionne, and then finally to Ivry la Bataille, a charming small town in Normandy’s Eure Valley. Calvados Morin was set up in 1945 in the former facilities of the Thélème Distillery, a famous liquor at that time.

Today, the company is run by Mr. Viry, father and son, who succeeded Pierre Morin. Their company was one of the first to send Calvados to the United States.



Calvados Morin’s troglodyte caves are over 200 years old - a unique and enchanting setting where the calvados gently matures giving rise to an exceptional alcohol.

The main advantage of the establishment was its unique aging facilities, particularly its large underground cellars, where several hundred small oak barrels can be stored. Dug into the chalky hills of the Eure Valley, the long galleries go deep into the cliff. The extremely humid atmosphere is perfect for the Calvados aging process, allowing the alcohol content to decrease naturally & create a remarkably smooth brandy.
Calvados Morin offers a broad range of quality levels, ranging from 3-year old to over 30-year old brandies.

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Traditionally made using modern techniques
The Calvados Morin products are rewarded by the greatest specialists for their high quality level. The entire range benefits from the same blending and maturation process handled by the Cellar Master.
The reserve Calvados that enters into the composition of the higher grades (10 to 40 years of age) is carefully selected and stored in new small oak casks, then in older ones, in cellars that are submitted to climatic changes that stimulate exchanges between the ambient air, the wood and the Eau-de-vie.
The final and crucial phase consists of transferring the products to the very humid underground Troglodyte caves with constant temperature for the maturing phase.

Limousin oak casks
Calvados Morin uses casks made from oak wood from the Limousin forests in the center of France to age its calvados. The Calvados stored in this strong noble oak
wood of Limousin, develops little by little in a mysterious alchemy, subtle aromas and its beautiful amber color. The Calvados breathes through the wood for years, slowly losing its fire and gradually integrating the wood tannins, gaining bouquet and aroma over time.

Normandy, Apple Tree Country
Normandy’s humid oceanic climate is particularly favorable for apple tree
culture. The multitude of different varieties of tannin-riche apples which go
into the cider (fermented apple juice) to be distilled, give the calvados its unique and inimitable character. In this countryside of traditional red brick half-timbered
buildings this golden colored Eau-de-vie was created and has been developed.

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