Cantina Gambellara

Country/Region: Italy - Veneto - Soave DOC

Cantina di Gambellara was founded in 1947 by a group of 26 associated vine growers and it was the first cooperative winery in the Vicenza Province. At the beginning the harvest was a few thousand of quintals but year by year the quantity increased quickly thanks to an enlargement of the vineyards in the area and an increase of the number of the partners. For this reason it was necessary to increase the size of the winery and its receptive capacity. After more than 65 years Cantina di Gambellara has a storage capacity of 160.000 hl and an average production of 130.000 quintals of grape. Today the partners are 365 growing 650 ha of vineyard.

Gambellara Winery


At the end of the first millennium under the direction of the Benedectine monks, the grape growing in Gambellara had a great impulse, abandoning the old techniques learnt from the Roman Empire times. During the centuries the art of winemaking improved quickly, reaching the present high quality now appreciated all over the world.

In 1882 the expert Domenico Lampertico in its "Studies and news on the agrarian economy of Vicenza, Lonigo and Barbarano districts" writes about Gambellara: "we have to do a special mention to the grape growing in Gambellara, where since the high quality standards are famous all over the world.

In 1947, pushed from the will to improve the quality of their wines, 26 wine growers living in Gambellara founded the Cantina di Gambellara. The first harvest gave a few thousand hectolitres of wine; because of the good results there was a fast increase of the vineyard growing from 40 hectares to current 650 in only a few years, owned by 365 vine growers.


Gambellara Vineyards

The vineyards are mainly located on the hillsides of Gambellara, famous for their soil of volcanic origin such as tophus and basaltic rocks that emerge up to the ground surface in columns with polyedric shapes. The soil is very rich of mineral salts, potassium and magnesium that give the grapes great richness in sugar and aromatic substances that are found also in the wines.
The hills sorrounding Gambellara reach an altitude of 500 meters above the sea level, but the area under vines is in between 100 and 350 meters above the sea level.
The orientation of the hills is from North to South, favoring a relatively mild climate during the winter season and at the same time a proper temperature range between day an night during the maturity of the grapes. This particular micro climate is unique in Italy and it makes possible to produce rare and selected wines.
Cantina di Gambellara is just in the middle of four historical Doc wine production areas; Gambellara, Colli Berici, Lessini Durello and Soave. To these zones other recent nearby Doc wine production areas can be added, such as Doc Vicenza and the new born Doc Prosecco, this last one originally limited to Treviso and then enlarged to other Venetian provinces except Verona and Rovigo.
About 50% of our vineyards are located on plains and are perfectly mechanized: from them we obtain mainly table wines or wines for blends. The other 50% is located on hills sorrounding the villages of Gambellara, Soave, Zarmeghedo, Montebello and Montorso Vicentino. These vineyards are very ancient and with a natural low production but high quality.

Cantina di Gambellara has a storage capacity of 160,000 hl of wine and an average harvest of 130,000 quintal of grapes. We have 365 members growing around 650 hectares of vineyards.