Chateau Plaisance

Country/Region: France - Bordeaux - Bordeaux Superieur


Château Plaisance is located in the Médoc area, at the border of the Margaux appellation, overlooking the Gironde River. The average annual production is 60,000 bottles.

plaisance chateau

Date Founded: 1780
Owner: Jean-Louis and Isabelle Chollet

The construction of the Château Plaisance itself dates back to the 1780s, but its vineyards are far older, as can be seen on the 1753 map of the estate which can be found in the departmental archives of the Gironde. This neoclassical "folie bordelaise" with its exterior double-helix staircase is now a listed historical monument. It still bears on its pediment the initials of its first owner, Jean Cavalier, and continues to be admired by lovers of 18th-century art. The architect of this monument was François Lhôte who was very active throughout the Bordelais.
Today, thanks to the painstaking attention of its owners, Château Plaisance has been reborn: "We wanted to give the wines of Château Plaisance estate a reputation worthy of the prestigious architecture of the building itself. That's why the vineyards we tend, the wines we produce in our chais, the thousands of bottles we offer wine lovers, everything we do must show our ongoing concern for irreproachable quality."


plaisance vineyards

Back in 1991, Jean-Louis and Isabelle Chollet began to buy up land in order to reconstitute the vineyards of the Château Plaisance estate, located at the edge of the Margaux appellation origine contrôlée, on these famous palud alluvial soils, a terroir that has regained its former glory.

Overlooking the Garonne River, ten of the thirteen hectares of the estate, forming a single block, are now planted with 70% merlot, 20% cabernet-sauvignon, and 10% petit-verdot grapes. We have chosen to plant at a density of 5000 vines to the hectare to ensure a better concentration of our wines and to ensure an average yield of about 50 hectolitres per hectare.