Clown Shoes Brewing Co

Ipswich MA USACountry/Region: United States

Since 2009, Clown Shoes Beer has been working to craft unique interpretations on a variety of beer styles. We have focused on continually improving our beers and doing interesting projects. Clown Shoes Beers has become known for our imperial stouts and our double IPAs. We have an expansive barrel-aging program to produce specialty beers blending the best flavors of spirits and beers. Why the name Clown Shoes? Clowns are questionable but the shoes make us laugh. They remind us about humility and to find humor in life. Our mission now is to produce beer without pretension while being free and a little crazy. We hope you enjoy the beers.

2013 - Voted Rate Beer's Best Brewery in Massachusetts
2014 - One of Rate Beer's Top 100 Breweries in the World


The beers are currently brewed at Mercury Brewing in Ipswich, MA.