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Country/Region: Spain - Ribera del Duero - Ribera del Duero

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The winery is located near the town of Peñafiel, and its name Oreja (ear) comes from the fact that Convento is located on a bend in the Duero river. This exagerated bend/oxbow is referred to as an oreja or ear shaped. Owner Antonio Vaquero lives and works in Madrid, but hails from Peñafiel, where he has been managing family vineyards. Recently, Antonio and a small group of associates decided to build their own winery, hence Convento de Oreja.

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In the historical center of the Ribera del Duero, Convento Oreja was born when a group of wine enthusiastic friends decided to undertake a project which throbbed in our hearts for a very long time: to enjoy our friendship by tasting a glass of our own wine, a glass which gathered our own style, our passion, our work and the work of the nature in the lands of the Ribera del Duero.

When the Duero River reaches our Peñafiel region, it confirms its privileged origin to obtain exceptional wines. Its exceptional humidity encircles and caresses the racemes of grapes conferring to these wines a characteristic blend of vigor and finesse. We base our wines in the immense potential of the Tinta del País grape, a variety which gives away full wines with powerful aromas and intense colour. Red wines are custodians of famous aromas, toasted, ripe, full of substance, with the taste of the ripe fruit and a surprising sweetness of the ripe tannins.

We adopted the name of the cellar and the wine as a celebration of one of the icons of our life, a very old Cistercian convent, abandoned since more than four centuries, which is located in the township of Langayo. The convent dominate a valley with a shape of an ear. With a strong commitment for quality and excellence, we decided to put in place the project in a smart and leisurely way, with no pretension and beyond the absolute requirement for a quick return on our investment: We enjoyed every single step of this process of creation. As a result of this passion, we are now able to offer for your tasting leisure the light Convento Oreja wines which are now available for sale in the market. An elegant wine, well balanced and full of character, elaborated according to the rythm of monastic life through the peace, solitude, stillness, silence, patience and passionate dedication, seeking the pleasure of everyone who tastes it.


The vines are 10-15 years old except for a small plot of 40 year old vines. The wines of Convento de Oreja are all 100% Tempranillo. Currently they own 6 hectares (14.82 acres) and manage 12 hectares more. Recently they planted 4 hectares more and all soil types are nutrient poor alluvial soils with a mix of sand and gravel. Deeper down the soil is clay and limestone, good for water retention. For now they make both Joven and Crianza style wines.

General information regarding Ribera del Duero:
264 wineries
7,500,000 cases of production, 98% Tinto
Red grapes (permissible): Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot, Garnacha
White grapes (permissible): Albillo
Ribera del Duero decame its own D.O. in 1982
8,300 growers
52,800 acres of grapes
Former area of Rosé production, now almost all red wine
Sales: 68% Domestic, 32% Export


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