Corinne Perchaud

FranceCountry/Region: France - Burgundy - Chablis

The estate is located in the village of Fleys, in the heart of the Chablis appellation. Corinne Perchaud and her husband Jean-Pierre represent the third generation of winemakers at this family estate. They have been joined by their daughter Eve.


Date Founded: 1920
Owner: Corinne Perchaud, and her husband Jean Pierre.
Winery Philosophy: To produce exceptional Chablis wine by enhancing the lively Chardonnay fruit and the unique mineral quality imparted by the Kimmeridgian soil, the fruity acidity and bouquet in perfect balance.

The estate is anchored in the famous slopes of the village of Fleys. It was born in the 1920s thanks to the work and determination of Jean Pierre's grandparents who communicated their love of the vineyards to their children. Today they continue on the tradition of making exceptional Chablis wines.
Along with their youngest daughter Eve, the family puts all their passion at the service of vine and wine. They mainly focus on the expression of the terroirs in order to develop fine and elegant wines in full respect of the typical characteristics of the Chablis vineyards.

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Winery Acreage: 44.5 acres
Varietals Produced: Chardonnay
Winemaker: Jean Pierre Grossot

They farm 18 hectares (44.5 acres) of vines: 13 hectares of Chablis AOC and 5 hectares of Chablis Premier Cru - Vaucoupin, Mont de Milieu, Côte de Tromes, Fourchaume and Fourneaux.

The vineyards of the estate are located mainly in the village of Fleys, Chichée and Fontenay near Chablis. The age of the vines goes from 5 to 45 years. Most of the vines are pruned in "Guyot double" (traditional Chablis method) and the younger vines are carved in "Guyot simple" to get adequate aeration and reduce the risk of disease.

The vineyard has been grown with sustainable methods for 20 years - soil maintenance by plowing and grassing, organic fertilizer, short pruning and debudding, minimal treatments when necessary. They moved to organic viticulture and obtained the certification in 2015.
This approach on the respect of the environment led them in 2006 to recycle the vine cuttings and use them to heat the facility with a wood boiler. Three years later, they started to produce their own fertilizer with part of this milled shoot combined with manure.

The wines are only tank fermented, except the Fourneaux that gets 25% barrel fermented wine added into the final blend. The grapes are harvested by hand and gently pressed in a horizontal pressoir to ensure the fullest extraction and range of flavors and aromas.

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Product Detail by Brand
  • Corinne Perchaud - "Chablis 2016 & 2015: Quality Over Quantity" - VINOUS

    vinous logo"Jean-Pierre Grossot produced just 15 hectoliters per hectare in 2016 due to frost, hail and mildew and will have only a single bottling of his village wine, compared to a normal three, due to the tiny yield. He began harvesting on September 22, and by then, he told me, the grapes were starting to lose acidity. Although he didn’t have second-generation grapes, the hailstorm on April 27 ultimately had the effect of “spreading out” the ripeness of the fruit. In the end, noted Grossot, the 16s are a bit higher in acidity than the ‘15s (4.0 to 4.1 grams per liter, vs. 3.5 to 3.8), “but you feel it more in the ‘15s, which is something I have never understood. The ‘15s got fresher and tightened up in tank. They were too aromatic at the beginning but the wines aren't overly supple or perfumed in the bottle. It's a very good year, better than 2016, and the wines should age well. - Stephen Tanzer"

    - Antionio Galloni's Vinous (August 2017)