Domaine des Rouet

Country/Region: France - Loire Valley - Chinon

Jean-Francois Rouet is the owner of Domaine Rouet and represents the 7th generation to make wine in his family. His first vintage was 1992. He has been growing grapes and making wine organically since 1996, but he only applied for it in 2001 and received his certification in 2005.
In 2009 Jean Fran├žois applied for a Biodynamic certification. He will receive it for the 2013 vintage !


rouet estate


The estate is 14 hectares (35 acres) and is planted to vines that average 40 years old. They produce 85% red wines and 15% rose, but no white wine currently. The chalky soil in this vineyard is seasoned with alluvial sand. This siliceous component gives the wine a distinctive note of raspberries or cherries, depending upon its age. The domaine uses Seguin-Moreau oak barrels, Allier oak, and keeps the barrels for 4 years. No chemical products are used in the production of their wines. His vineyards are planted with 5000 vineplants per hectare.

The Chinon AOC's total acreage represent 2390 hectares (5927 acres) and is planted with 3 different grape varietals: Cabernet Franc (most of the Appellation), Cabernet sauvignon (maximu of 10% allowed for the reds) and Chenin Blanc. There are currently 200 wineries, only 10 of them are certified organic and 4 of them are biodynamic.

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