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FranceCountry/Region: France - Burgundy - Mercurey - Rully

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The roots of the PROTHEAU family - winegrowers from father to son - have plunged into the soil since 1720. Thanks to the determination and perfectionism of the 7 generation old-family estate, the vineyard expanded to reach today a surface area of 50 hectares - 38 hectares in Mercurey and 12 hectares in Rully. For the past 40 years, the family has dedicated itself to viticultural which resulted in the creation of DOMAINE MAURICE PROTHEAU ET FILS.  This magnificent family vineyard extends in the best appellations where the Maurice Protheau family strives to produce “cuvées” worthy of the greatest Burgundy’s wines. By mixing craft industry and tradition with the best technological tools and avant-garde methods while respecting the traditional touch that has made the fame of Domaine Maurice Protheau.

Date Founded: 1930
Owner: Philippe Protheau
Winery Philosophy: To do even better than what we already do best

1720 - The first PROTHEAU family members cultivate the vineyard in Mercurey.
1886 - François PROTHEAU was born in Touche - today a commune of Mercurey.
1902 - François PROTHEAU was the winemaker and broker of fine Burgundy wines, created his own trading house of Fine Wines.
1925 - Maurice PROTHEAU was born in Bourgneuf Val d'Or, Mercurey town today.
1930 - François PROTHEAU bought the Château d' ETROYES and "LE CLOS DE LA FAUCONNIÈRE" for the sum of 130,000 gold francs. This Clos will become in 1985 "LE CLOS DES NOITERONS".
1939 - François and Maurice PROTHEAU planted "LES ORMEAUX" in Chardonnay. They thus become precursors of the first white Mercurey.
1955 - François PROTHEAU died and Maurice succeeded him at the head of the trading activity and the viticultural estate of Mercurey.
1969 - Maurice PROTHEAU bought the DOMAINE DU CLOS DE L'EVÊQUE as well as the 3 ha 50 of fallow land next to it. The creation of this vineyard will end in 1979. The first blows of pickaxes are given to Rully in the parcel of “LES FROMANGES”. He completely restored the vineyard.
1979 - By completing the plantation of the "CLOS DES NOITERONS", Maurice PROTHEAU put an end to the polyculture at the Domaine.
1980 - Maurice PROTHEAU separated the wine business from the wine estate by creating the Société Civile du Domaine Maurice PROTHEAU & Fils. The new cellars of CLOS L'EVÊQUE are completed for the harvest.
1985 - Thanks to the reorganization of the Mercurey terroir, the Domaine operated 0.06 hectares (0.15 acres) of MERCUREY 1ST CRU CLOS L'EVÊQUE white and 10 hectares of MERCUREY 1ST CRUS.
1990 - The CLOS L'EVÊQUE winery was completely redesigned: stainless steel vats, thermo regulated, robotic pigeage, pneumatic presses...
1992 - Martine and Philippe PROTHEAU created the Civil Society of the DOMAINE DES FROMANGES by taking over the management of the Rully vineyard.
1996 - Maurice PROTHEAU and his children decided to sell the trading business to dedicate themselves to the operation of their Domaines that represented more than 50 hectares. They then signed a commercial exclusivity agreement with this new partner.
2002 - After the disappearance of their trading partner, the vineyards regained their commercial independence and sold their production directly. The Domaine was committed to sustainable viticulture, but did not yet have the qualification.
2003 - The two Domaines merged to give birth to the S.C.E.A. DU CHATEAU D’ETROYES - DOMAINE MAURICE PROTHEAU
2004 - The Domaine's sales already exceeded 100,000 bottles shipped from the Château's cellars.
2005 - Maurice PROTHEAU died in December. The destiny of the Domaine was in the hands of his children Michelle, Martine and Philippe who have already worked on the estate for many years, each one of them in their specialty. Philippe manages the vineyard, Martine vinifies the wines and Michelle takes care of the orders from their customers all over the world.
The MERCUREY 1ST CRU “CUVÉE SIGNATURE” was born to pay tribute to Monique and Maurice PROTHEAU - this cuvée comes from the 10 best barrels of the Domaine and will be produced only during great vintages.
2011 - The temperature regulation set up in the CLOS L'EVÊQUE winery was reviewed and the cellars and wine cellar are now air-conditioned.
2014  - Their new cuvée was born: the BOURGOGNE CHARDONNAY.

Winery Acreage: 50 hectares (123.5 acres)
Varietals Produced: Chardonnay and Aligoté for the whites
Pinot Noir for the reds

The PROTHEAU family estate extends today on more than 50 hectares in the CÔTE CHALONNAISE.
The grape varietals of the vineyards are typical of Burgundy, with ALIGOTÉ, CHARDONNAY and PINOT NOIR.

The family plants the best selections of seedlings and rootstocks in order to obtain a production of an optimal quality in relation to the concerned Appellation and of a yield controlled to the best of this quality. They have been engaged in a viticulture program since 2003, in order to better control the balance between cryptogamic diseases, pests and other weeds, whose effects could be disastrous on a quality production and their
ecosystem. They are gradually abandoning chemical weed control to return to the plowing of the soil and now pay special attention to the aeration of the grapevine vegetation and the control of the grape's load.
The wines are vinified in the CLOS DE L'EVÊQUE wine cellar that is equipped with state-of-the-art technology - stainless steel vats, thermo regulated by a robotic pigeage system and pneumatic presses of the latest generation.
The aging of the wines is carried out there for twelve months in French oak barrels coming from the leading cooperages.
After this period of aging, the red wines are racked and brought down in the old cellars of the CHÂTEAU D’ETROYES where aging will continue for several months until bottling. The white wines will be bottled just before the harvest in order to preserve all their freshness.
The bottling of the Domaine's wines takes place either at the CHÂTEAU D’ETROYES or at the CLOS L’EVÊQUE cellar ,depending on where the aging of the cuvée ended. This is done by a professional bottler that with his very
latest equipment ensures complete security, under the control of their enologists, allowing more time to do quality work in the vineyard and cellar, guaranteeing the final quality of the products.

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