Earth Song Vineyards
United States - Oregon

Mike named the vineyard Earth Song because he feels that what grows from the earth is its song and therefore the wine is the earths song.
Earth Song Vineyards is family owned and operated. The vineyard receives hands on care from all four generations of family for every vintage. The goal is to produce quality grapes that make outstanding wines surrounded by family.
The winemaker, Linda Donovan, of Pallet Wine Company, is well known for her passion in wine making and it shows. With more than 22 years of global experience in wine-making, Linda Donovan has become a leader in the Southern Oregon wine industry.

Earth Song Vineyards is planted in the picturesque, meandering river valley of Deer Creek in Selma, Oregon which at one time was known as Dryden. Dryden was established in 1892 when the Chinese and other gold miners built a post office to communicate with better ease. Many of the buildings in this small town were built by using the abandoned river dredge left behind by the miners, including the school house and the community building that is still standing today. The soil that was dredged from the ancient riverbed has been used to help with the growth of tasty grapes.

Just over 20 years ago Earth Song's small vineyard was planted in this riverbed. The vines made the journey from Pommard and Colmar, France to be raised in the gravely loam soil of Southern Oregon. The family then took over the established, somewhat forgotten vineyard in 2015 adding to it their tender loving care to bring the vines back to life. They had no experience, but with the help of local viticulturists and many, many long hours they have learned a lot and continue to learn each year.

They focus on organic growing practices and the virtues of Mother Nature. From the snow high up on the surrounding mountain tops, to the animals that chase away dangers, to the bright sunny days that sweeten the grapes, they center their attention on making sure the vines are tenderly cared for. Using frost protection in the early spring to preserve newly formed buds and continuous canopy management to allow air flow and sunshine to keep the vines and grapes happy and healthy. Their hands-on approach and attention to detail provides the wine maker with the best elements possible for producing amazing wines.


Producer Details
Wine Production Area
United States - Oregon - Rogue Valley
Mike & Pam Pruner and Kirby Pruner-Yemm
Linda Donovan
Grape Varietal(s)
Pinot Gris (5.46 acres) & Pinot Noir (4.54 acres)
Age of Vines
25 years old
Agricultural Practices
organic & sustainable