Hugl Weine

Country/Region: Austria

This young, family-run winery is located in the northeast of Austria in an area called Ketzelsdorf-Poysdorf. Owners Sylvia (née Wimmer) and Martin Hugl both grew up in family wineries. In 2013, they combined the two estates and their considerable winemaking knowledge and introduced their first vintage together in 2016.


Hugl family

Owner: Martin and Sylvia Hugl
Winery Philosophy: To produce easy-drinking wines suitable for every occasion, with fruity, fresh white wines and elegant, classic red wines.

Martin Hugl graduated from the AGRO-HAK Agricultural College and subsequently studied at the University of Applied Sciences for International Business Relations. Since 2007 he has been responsible for quality control in the vineyards and wine-making.

Sylvia graduated from the HBLA for Wine and Fruit Production at Klosterneuburg and subsequently studied Tourism at Vienna Business University. Sylvia balances estate management, organizing tastings, marketing and accounting, with raising the couple’s daughters, Valerie and Helena. True to many family run agricultural businesses, the couple’s parents and siblings pitch in during the busy season.

Winery Acreage: 74.13 acres
Winery Production: 33,000 / 9L cases
Winemaker: Martin Hugl

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Weingut Hugl's vineyards are located within a 2 km (1.2 mi) radius around the town of Poysdor in prime south- and south-west-facing hillsides. While vineyards are planted close to each other, the soils range from light and sandy to medium loam to deep-seated loess and loam. This soil diversity and favorable growing conditions help produce a broad range of grape varietals. Weingut Hugl owns and cultivates 30 hectares (74.13 acres) of vineyards and also works in collaboration with several partners who are cultivating grapes according to their quality targets. They buy grapes from 25 hectares (61.8 acres) of vineyards.

The focus is high quality Grüner Veltliner, the most widely planted white grape in Austria. The range of offerings reflects the versatility of this varietal, from a lively and light Poysdorfer Saurüssel and Classic Veltliner to a spicy-peppery DAC Weinviertel and a the newer Rösselberg Reserve, a fuller, more complex Veltliner.

Diversity goes beyond the Grüner Veltliner. Weingut Hugl produces many other wines including Welschriesling, which is also very important for the Weinviertel, Chardonnay, Riesling, Weißburgunder and Gelber Muskateller and Gewürztraminer (the couple calls it their “love child”) A Zweigelt Rosé was added to the range. With the reds, Zweigelt is the most important wine, classically produced in large oak casks, fruity and medium-bodied in style.

Like many wineries, the viticultural process must work in harmony with the seasons and adjust to any extreme changes in the weather to coax out the grapes’ full potential. The Hugls say they can rarely use the same “recipe’ as the previous year and allow the winemaker’s skill and time to rely on the wine’s personality to evolve. While the white wines are matured almost exclusively in stainless steel tanks, the reds mature in large oak casks. The wines from the new vintage are available from the middle of the following January.

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  • Hugl Weine

    I-WineReviewThis is a young family-run winery located in Weinveirtel. It is owned and operated by Sylvia and Martin Hugl who make fruit forward and ripe Grüner Veltliner and Zweigelt. They own 22 hectares of vineyard and buy grapes from several partners. Their wines are well made and modestly priced for the quality. I-WineReview - January 2011