La Zerba

Country/Region: Italy - Piemonte - Gavi DOCG

La Zerba is a family estate situated in the beautiful hills in the land of Gavi. La Zerba has been producing quality wines for about twenty years. The wineyards, forming a single entity around the winery, the care and constant attention to the growing plants, together with a severe selection and manual picking of the grapes, contribute to create one of the best GAVI sold around the world.




In 1973 Ida Cozzio and Livio Lorenzi decided to buy La Zerba, a country estate surrounded by the green hills in the beautiful lands of Gavi. The passion for agriculture handed down from generations and the perfect morphology of the territory of La Zerba soon resulted in a wine producing estate, which every year since then, offers an excellent product. La Zerba today is recommended by the most famous specialized wine magazines.

In 1989 the first important transformation was brought about. It was constructed the new premises for the vinification. From the very start the aim was to reach the highest possible quality. Very severe selection in the vineyard, through the manual picking in small crates and soft pressing of the grapes were since the very beginning some of the secrets that allowed La Zerba to be a front rank Gavi. The first bottle was produced on the 29th of March 1991, and it was with great satisfaction that we saw our ambitious project become reality. The harvest has always been a moment of celebration. Every year we put all our effort to offer our clients the best quality.


Zerba Vineyards

The estate spreads over 10 hectares (24.7 acres). The vineyard is located 1,476 feet above sea level. This high elevation leads to crisp, white wines that have zesty, mineral and lively characteristics. Historically, the wines of Tassarolo have lead the DOC of Gavi as the best in the region, not Gavi di Gavi, which is all about marketing. The estate is 8.5 hectares (21 acres) and produces classic Gavi. Furthermore, in top years a special cru is produced called Terra Rossa, Gavi. The DOC Gavi was founded in 1974 and consists of these villages: Gavi, Tassarolo, Novi Ligure, Pasturana, Capriatta 'ba, Serravalle Scrivia, San Cristo Toro, Parodi, Bosio, and Carosio. The grape of Gavi is Cortese.


La Zerba