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Maison Alain de la Treille

FranceCountry/Region: France - Loire Valley - [France-Loire]

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Maison Alain de la Treille was founded in 1885. It is located in the heart of the Loire Valley. Vineyards owner and winemaker, ALAIN DE LA TREILLE creates diverse and delicate wines on the most prestigious vineyards with the same passion and aim: offering the best expression of the French Terroir, keeping the highest respect for the land and the people.

Lionel Métaireau is the winemaker. He joined the estate in 2008 having in mind to enhance the French varietal grapes with a local and unique style. He is native of Le Pallet in the Muscadet Vineyard, close to Nantes. Lionel grew up in a winemaking family and he represents the 6th generation.

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Date Founded: 1885
Owner: Noel Bougrier
Winery Philosophy: Offering the best expression of the French Terroir, keeping the highest respect for the land and the people.

ALAIN DE LA TREILLE was born in 1925 in Saint Georges sur Cher located in the heart of the Touraine Vineyard. A farmer and wine enthusiast, he spent his life promoting the Touraine area and Loire Valley wines.
During his career, he met Jean-Claude Bougrier, a winemaker from Saint Georges sur Cher. They became good friends, and could spend hours talking about Loire Valley wines style, terroir and how to improve the vinification process...
When he died in 1985, Jean-Claude Bougrier decided to create a wine brand to pay tribute to his good friend.
ALAIN DE LA TREILLE wines were born.

Noël BOUGRIER - the fifth generation of the family - gave a new dimension to the family estate when he took over in 1988.
First of all, it made it possible to realize the dream of the previous generations by widening the wine growing area of the estate to the entire Loire Valley - from Sancerre to the Pays Nantais with the creations of 3 cellars.
In 2015, Nicolas BOUGRIER joined the family estate. Today 2 generations work side by side to carry out their only goal: to reveal the best expression of the Loire Valley with the greatest respect for the people and the  soil.
Sophie BOUGRIER, Nicolas's sister, is never far away to represent the family estate in France and abroad.

Winemaker: Lionel Métaireau

The winery is quite modern and the stainless steel tanks are thermoregulated in order to achieve specific profile (cold maceration).


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