SCV Castelmaure

Embres et Castelmaure FranceCountry/Region: France - Languedoc-Roussillon - Corbieres

S.C.V. Castelmaure was founded in the 1920's and today consists of 65 members, of which 15 bring 85% of the production. The winery is located in the unofficial Corbières cru site of Durban (there are 11 unofficial Cru's in Corbières), which will become soon an official Cru together with Boutenac and Alaric. The Serre mountain in the south protects the little plateau of Castelmaure from the off weather patterns of the Mediterranean sea.

for almost 15 years, the team, Patrick de Marien (president of the cave) and Bernard Pueyo (the director) worked in trying to produce wines of higher quality each year.
In 2018 Bernard Pueyo retired and his successor, Antoine Robert, has been designed to make sure the philosophy remains focused and unchanged.

Castelmaure WinemakerBernard Pueyo (Director), Patrick de Marien (President) and Patrick Frérot (Vineyard manager)

Winery Acreage: around 1000 acres (400 hectares)
Winemaker: Antoine Robert (chief winemaker) and Fabrice Santini (assistant winemaker).

Castelmaure Vineyard

The AOC Corbières was created in 1985 and measures 13,034 hectares (32,324 acres). The appellation requires a minimum of two grapes in a wine blend.
The maximum yeild allowed in Corbieres is 50 hl/ha.
The minimum planting density allowed is 4,000 vines per hectare.

The co-op farms 350 hectares (868 acres) around the tiny hamlet of Embres et Castelmaure. The 760 parcels are inspected and the characteristics recorded on computer. Each parcel is supervised individually by a technician who dedicates his time to this task. They have re-learned to prune, plough, check yields, sort, select, with a permanent focus on the respect of the environment. All the grapes are harvested by hand. In the cellar, vats hygiene, temperature control, ultramodern pressing contribute to a better expression of the terroir.
Castelmaure produces 90% red wine of which 80% is A.O.C. Corbières. The soil is made of schist, limestone, alluvial river wash and argilo-calcaire.