Sidra Huerces

SpainCountry/Region: Spain

Sidra Huerces is a Cidery located in San Martin de Huerces, in the province of Gijon, Asturias, Spain. Owner Jose Antonio Norniella represents the 4th generation of his family to make cider, and he's combining his ancestor’s traditional cider making style with a modern, cleaner & more efficient facility.

Date Founded: 1878
Owner: Jose Antonio Norniella
Winery Philosophy: Cider Huerces boasts a well-equipped Winery, but which respects the traditional system for the cider production.

In the year 1878, Manuel Norniella in his native Colloto and given the demand for the Asturian colony in Hispano-America, idea filtering natural cider and enrich it with sugar and carbon dioxide, resulting in an exquisite, fruity fizzy product. Since the 1878 and continuously followed by his sons, his grandson in this centuries-old family tradition and currently the fourth generation.
Of the initial Colloto move to modern facilities in San Martín de Huerces-Gijón where is combine centuries-old tradition with the most modern technology, to keep our premium quality.

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Huerces Dry Cider

Gijon, Spain

ProducerSidra Huerces