Tenuta Vitanza

Country/Region: Italy - Toscana - Toscana IGT

Tenuta Vitanza is located in Montalcino, in Tuscany, and opened in 1995. The owners are Dr. Rosalba Vitanza and her husband Ing. Guido Andretta. The success of Tenuta Vitanza is made possible mainly by the people who work every day; each one with an important role, that day after day contributes to make our wines extraordinary ones.

Vitanza Winery


Vitanza Owners

The story of Tenuta Vitanza begun in 1994 when Rosalba Vitanza and her husband to be Guido Andretta went for a romantic week-end in Montalcino in province of Siena. They were guest of a friend, a fellow producer, that told them he was trying to sell the original property in Montalcino to buy a bigger place also in the area. At that time they were both living in Rome.

Guido is an Aerospace Engineer and was doing business as Management Consultant with his own company based in United Kingdom and United States. He was Managing Director of a management and training consultancy with many responsibilities, with clients in medium to large size organizations in public and private sectors working in different areas like transportation, pharmaceutical, banking, telecommunications, etc.

Rosalba has a Ph.D. in Philosophy and she was doing teaching at Rome University La Sapienza. She has observed that winemaking doesen't change her job too much because she can use a lot of her philosophical training in her winemaking techniques, even if most everything is done with the help of chemistry that translates the poetry of wine in the wine itself.

In 1994 they decide to buy their first property, Podere Renaione, a country house build before 1600, together with 4 acres of vineyards, olive trees and fruit trees, with the idea of doing some wine for themselves and their friends. Rosalba took full responsibility of the estate and started to immerse herself into winemaking with the help of a famous consultant enologist of Siena.

Their first vintage was 1995 and the couple received 93 points from the Wine Spectator. Today, they own 66 acres of vines (not all in production each year), and have a long-term goal of 15,000 cases of production. Since 2000, the couple has been building a modern, gravity flow winery, computer controlled, and wi-fi connected, in the town of Torrenieri. The winery has 13 large stainless steel tanks, each signifying a specific vineyard area. Also, the winery has been designed with total traceability, meaning that each bottle is numbered. In the future, you will be able to access their website, punch in the bottle's number, and receive the following information:
· bottle type
· cork used
· kind of aging & how much time
· vineyard location & exact parcel
· weather that particular vintage


Vitanza Vineyard

Guido used his technical expertise to build a cellar and with Rosalba, chose the fermentation and cellar equipment. The result is a 3 layered cellar with the top roof level used to unload the grapes, which after crushing will go by gravity to the lower level, where fermentation tanks are able to receive the juice, and to ferment it.

The 13 different tank holding 200 Hl (5300 gallons) are controlled by an onboard computer wirelessly liked to the mainframe, allowing Rosalba to control the fermentation process from her PC from any room of the cellar or the house, or theoretically, from any place in he world with her cellfphone through a web based server. Theoretically, because if you really want to see Rosalba mad, try to remove her from her cellar during the harvesting season, that is for us normally in October each year. The wine than flows after fermentation one level down where the barrels and casks are waiting to receive the Brunello to start the aging process that as you require more than 5 years. In the 5 years period the wine is finally assembled and bottled at the estate still remaining at the same level of the aging room.

The estate is established on four different land parcels but is conducted in an unitary manner by the onwer family even because all the different parcels are within the Montalcino boundaries. In particular the headquarters are located at Podere Belvedere, outside of the village of Torrenieri, one of the four Montalcino territory villages, where the new cellar and a vineyard is located. We have, in addition to vineyard based in Torrenieri, those in Località Casella, the Castelnuovo dell'Abate vineyards in Località S.Polino, and Crociona.

25.8 hectares in production now or 63 acres, broken down as follows:
Size Grape Wine Type
36 acres Sangiovese Brunello di Montalcino
7.5 acres Sangiovese Chianti, Colli Senesi
15.98 acres Sangiovese Orcia, DOC
4.47 acres Sangiovese Sant Antimo, DOC
2.47 acres Merlot for Quadrimendo & Chianti
25.8 hectares = 63.73 acres