Weingut Albert Gessinger

Zeltingen GermanyCountry/Region: Germany - Mosel

The Gessinger family has been making wine in the Mosel since 1680, with a focus on Riesling.
Current owner & winemaker is Albert Gessinger, with involvement from his daughter, Sarah. The family is original yfrom Trentino-Alto Adige.
Their vineyards are located in the famous Zeltinger Sonnenuhr, Zeltinger Schlossberg and Zeltinger Himmelreich regions. The Zeltinger Sonnenuhr vineyard is further divided into two subunits – “Caldo Infernale” (hot cauldron) and Josefsberg (‘Joseph’s hill’ in old vines).

gessinger family
Albert Gessinger and daughter Sarah


Winery Acreage: 3.2 hectares (8 acres)
Varietals Produced: 80% Riesling
15% Spatburgunder (Pinot Noir)
5% Dornfelder (new red wine clone developed in 1956)
Winemaker: Alfred Gessinger

The Estate consists of 8 acres or 3.2 hectares. The plantings are broken down as follows: 80% Riesling, 15% Spatburgunder (Pinot Noir), 5% Dornfelder (new red wine clone developed in 1956). All vineyards are located in the middle Mosel town of Zelting. Weingut Gessinger joined the Bernkastel Ring in 1899 and for years their wines only appeared at their September auction. Gessinger is quite small, less than 2,000 cases and all his whites are 100% Riesling planted on Devon Slate (best soil type of the area).

Zeltingen has three vineyards, all of which are oriented to the south. It is the longest continuous south-facing slope on the Mosel.

Zeltinger Sonnenuhr (sundial) - Fine Devonian slate (without greywacke), heats up quickly, extreme steep slopes to 100% or 45 ° The wines produced here are of fine fruity elegance and great durability.

gessinger sundial

Zeltinger Schlossberg - Also weathering slate, has a more solid ground, the sundial facing side is just as steep, but mostly not so steep, and results in powerful wines with full body.

Zeltinger Himmelreich - Begins with extreme steep slopes and Devonian slate, then gradually flattens to a slight slope, and the percentage of slate gradually diminishes.