Short Street Wines
South Africa - Western Cape

Situated at the very heart of South Africa's Swartland wine region, Short Street is the shortest street in the Riebeek Valley. A melting pot of creative energy, gourmet fare, farm fresh produce and the vibrant, uncomplicated lifestyle of the people, Short Street captures the essence of the Swartland, where passion, creativity and simplicity are distilled into a captivating experience.

short streetShort Street - Riebeek Kasteel

The Swartland is a rugged place of untamed beauty and unique, distinctive terroir. The terroir of the Riebeek Valley is mainly affected by a Mediterranean climate and diverse, prehistoric sandstone and shale soils from the majestic Kasteelberg Mountain.

The vineyards are situated at heights that vary from 60m to 300m above sea level, against the slopes and foothills of the Kasteelberg Mountain. Because of the topography, the soils offer rich diversity, including: Oakleaf and Dundee alluvial soil from the sediment of die Berg River and Swartland and Glenrosa soils from underlying shale along the Kasteelberg Mountain. The average age of the vines is 12 years, with the oldest being 50-year-old bush-vines.

Rainfall occurs during winter months with enough cold units to ensure a proper rest phase for the vines before bud-break in early September. The summers are intensely hot and dry with some cooling westerly winds that are ideal conditions for producing fine white and red wines.

chenin blanc bush vinechenin blanc bush vine

A low bearing region with limited irrigation, the key vineyards are still farmed as either dry land farms, or with some supplementary irrigation to help the crop to optimum ripeness. The soils and dry land conditions have proved ideal for bush vine (untrellised) vineyards. The dry land conditions result in small berries with layered flavor, near perfect color and soft tannin structures that deliver fruit-driven, expressive wines for the novice and connoisseur alike.

The Riebeek Valley supports a great diversity of varietals that flourish here, but it is their exceptional Chenin Blanc, Shiraz & Pinotage that shows the best of what the Swartland terroir can do.

Producer Details
South Africa
Wine Production Area
South Africa - Western Cape - Coastal Region - Swartland
Age of Vines
Average 12 years; up to 50 years
Agricultural Practices