Couvreur Cap a Pie

Producer: Michel Couvreur

First edition in 2018, it should become a classic! This is Michel Couvreur's usual "The Unique whisky" with a higher proportion of Malt Whiskies. Iodized fragrance with a hint of almond, vanilla sweetness, light floral fragrances, white fruits. The palate is nervous yet round with a hint of Sherry flavors. Gourmand and drinkable, it is enjoyed as an aperitif at low temperature. The high proportion of malt whiskies makes the after tastes become more complex.

Distillate Source: Category: blended whisky
Distillate: blended of grain and malt whiskies
Age: 4 years
Distillation degree: 70%
Natural degree: 62%
Bottle degree: 45%
Barrel aging: Whisky casks for grain and sherry Casks for malt
Cellar zone: middle humidity

Product Formats:

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LQEE196015BML 750ml 12 Glass 7 84585 02342 4 1 07 84585 02342 1 $90.00