Couvreur Intravaganza

Producer: Michel Couvreur

Malt distilled in Scotland, aged in very old sherry casks, then bottled at its natural strength (50% alc./vol.). A young high-mettled spirit of confounding intensity, concentrated, rich and tasty.

Limpid gold amber tint. Notes of green almond and frangipane fragrances that are typical of very young malts, honeyed, finely wooded, and fruity. The palate is lively and silky with creamy flavors reminiscent of pear liquor, which evolve rapidly into finer and floral flavors supported by a hint of smoke.

Couvreur Intravaganza

ABV: 50%
Distillate Source: Category single malt cereal spirit
Distillate: light, fruity
Age: 3 y.o.
Distillation degree: 63%
Natural degree: 50%
Bottle degree: 50%
Barrel aging: oloroso and moscatel casks
Cellar zone: very high humidity


To be consumed as an aperitif or as a “Norman Hole” (the traditional Norman intermezzo made of one single shot of strong Calvados between two heavy courses).

Product Formats:

Item Number Unit Units/Case Type UPC - bottle SCC - case SRP/Unit
LQEE196012BML 750ml 12 Glass 7 84585 02296 0 1 07 84585 02296 7 $90.00
LQCC196013BML 1.5L 1 Glass 7 84585 02321 9 1 07 84585 02321 6 $240.00