Couvreur Single Malt Clearach 43%

Producer: Michel Couvreur

"Clearach is the term that Michel Couvreur gives to his malt spirit that cannot legally be called whisky until it is 3 years old. "
This is a Single Malt distilled in Scotland, matured in Sherry casks. 43% alcohol.
It is unfiltered and very young with typical almonds and frangipane (red jasmine) fragrances, nice grassy freshness with a slight touch of honey. Lively in the mouth, silky and elegant. Serve chilled.

Couvreur Single Malt Clearach 43%
ABV: 43%
Distillate Source: Date of distillation: 2013
Age: 3 y.o.
Original strength: 63%
Natural strength in casks: 58%
Bottling strength: 43%
Maturation: Casks px, oloroso, amontillado. Butts and half butts
Cellar: Middle and high humidity


To be consumed as an aperitif or as a “Norman Hole” (the traditional Norman intermezzo made of one single shot of strong Calvados between two heavy courses).

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