Michel Couvreur The Unique Whisky

Producer: Michel Couvreur

The classic "BLENDED" which used to be called "The Grain Whisky" because it is composed by a most part of Grain - an exception in the Michel Couvreur range because it's not a fresh Sherry cask maturation. The Unique is enhanced thanks to very old whisky casks. Iodine flavors with a touch of almond and vanilla sweetness. Delicate and sublte, it is reminiscent of white fruits. Nervous on the palate, it shows a round aftertaste that makes it easy to drink with apetizers.
To be served cool.

Michel Couvreur The Unique Whisky
ABV: 44%
Proof: 88
Distillate Source: Denomination: whisky, blended, main grain whisky
New make spirit: several
Age: 4 y.o.
Original strength: 70%
Natural strength in casks: 62%
Bottling strength: 44%
Maturation casks: whisky hogshead
cellar: medium humidity
Aging: 4 years in Hogshead. Medium humidity cellar.

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