Indwe Pinotage Coastal
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South Africa - Western Cape - Coastal Region

Indwe is the Xhosa name for the Blue Crane, also called the Stanley Crane or Paradise Crane. It is South Africa's national bird and is almost exclusively endemic to South Africa (an estimated 20-25 birds are found in Namibia).

The Blue Crane has a vulnerable status on the global red list; its population today is only half of what it was in the 1970’s. The species faces threats from climate change, as well as illegal trade, domestication and habitat loss.

The Indwe is highly revered culturally – its feathers and regalia can only be worn by the Zulu king and royalty.

Coastal Region
Wine Type
100% Pinotage
Age of vines
15-20 years
Soil type
shale & granite
Fermented in stainless steel at 26 degrees C for approximately 5 days with frequent pump-overs during first stages of fermentation. Racked and pressed at 5 degrees B. Overnight settling, racked onto oak chips and French staves, and inoculated with MLF bacteria. Racked after MLF & sulphured. Aged on the fine less for a few months. Rootstock: R99. Clone: PI48 and PI50

Smoked duck; Mediterranean cuisine; pizza with meaty topping; Indian curry or spicy barbecue; hard cheeses. An ideal complement to classic South African Braai (barbeque); marinated lamb or cajun-spiced blackened fish.

Reviews and News

2013 Indwe Pinotage - 87 PTS - WA

2013 Indwe Pinotage - 87 PTS - WA

wa300"A disclaimer: I have never cared much for Pinotage, the indigenous South African grape variety, but this 2013 Pinotage from Indwe, named after the country's national bird, the blue crane, comes across like a light Pinot Noir. Subtle notes of cherries, spice and forest floor are followed by a round, light to medium-bodied, pure, seductive, well-crafted wine that should drink well for a year or so. - Robert Parker"
- Robert Parker's The Wine Advocate (November 2014), 87 pts

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