Keermont Fleurfontein Sauvignon Blanc / Roussanne NV
Keermont Vineyards
South Africa - Western Cape - Coastal Region - Stellenbosch

 The Keermont Fleurfontein (‘flower fountain’) derives its name from a beautiful spring on the farm. The block of Sauvignon blanc, from which grapes are sourced for this wine, lies just below this spring. This is the second Non-Vintage Fleurfontein released in our history. It’s a blend of three different vintages, namely 2019, 2020, and 2021. We blended these together to create complexity and achieve a better balance in the wine. For the first time ever, we have introduced Roussanne into the Fleurfontein. We are excited about the freshness and array of flavors that this component brings.

Yellow gold in color with a copper tinge, the Fleurfontein Non-Vintage exudes aromas of dried apricot, lime marmalade, and ripe orange rind with hints of hazelnut and vanilla. The palate is full and creamy with concentrated flavours of dried fruits and marzipan with a grassy freshness. A central core of acidity gives the wine a long, complex, and succulent finish with a slightly salty touch. Drink now through to 2031.

pH: 3.61
TA: 6.83 g/L
RS: 186 g/L
TSO2: 151 mg/L
VA: 1.53 g/L

Coastal Region - Stellenbosch
Wine Type
78%Sauvignon Blanc and 22% Roussanne
The wine is 3% 2019 Sauvignon Blanc, 75% 2020 Sauvignon Blanc and 22% 2021 Roussanne.

All our wines are grown, produced and bottled on Keermont Vineyards. Processing, maturation, and bottling were carried out by hand in our cellar. Our team uses pliers to pinch the stem of each grape bunch while they ripen on the vine. This pinching action stops the translocation of fluids into and out of the grapes and allows them to dry naturally on the vine. The raisins are harvested a few weeks later and the juice is squeezed from them with a hard pressing process. The syrup is fermented by indigenous yeast in Hungarian and French oak barrels and aged a further 18 months in barrel. Total production was four barrels yielding 2400 bottles (375ml).
100 (9-liter cases)

Producer Information: Keermont Vineyards

Keermont Vineyards is a family-owned farm located in a back valley outside of Stellenbosch, ZA. The name comes from Keerweder, which is the name of the former farm. A keerweder ...
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