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Wine Portfolio by Brand

Boet Le Roux

If you ever find yourself in the heart of the Swartland, you’re likely to see a familiar face. Boet Le Roux, farmer extraordinaire, is our own living legend as he battles the fierce Swartland conditions to deliver the best that the Swartland has to offer. Boet Le Roux is a 3rd generation wine grape grower in the premium wine region of Swartland. The Swartland is known for harsh summer sun, dry conditions and untamed beauty. With a passion for this rugged landscape, Boet Le Roux nurtures his mature Colombard vineyards to produce grapes that are concentrated and full of flavor. They are a true expression of the land. When you pour a glass you are not only experiencing a taste of the Swartland but also the hospitality and passion of Boet Le Roux.

boet le roux