NV Clos des Cazaux Grains de Novembre

Producer: Domaine Le Clos des Cazaux
Country/Region: France - [France]

This slightly crazy wine was born partly from observation and mostly from a dream. At the winery they noticed that the white Grenache grape, normally an early variety and generous in alcohol, had, from time to time at the harvest, a few grains per grape which had a lovely violet color and were slightly dried up by noble rot. Naturally the sugar concentration was exceptional! The only problem was to verify if the same phenomena extended to all the grapes if they pushed back the date of harvesting.

Over the years (and with some harvests remaining on the vines!), they noticed that this dream was only possible on every 4th line of vines and in a very specific aerodynamic exposure throughout the domain. It’s the price to pay for making a white sweet wine in the Côtes du Rhône! As a result, naturally, the production of this nectar is a bit secret given that they produce only one barrel in the good years!

The result is surprising and incomparable. It has a tile-red color with an orange hue. On the palate it is aromatic, giving tastes of dried apricot, pineapple, and in passing, a hint of lavender honey, quince, cinnamon, caramel, pear and grilled almonds. One can appreciate it on its own which allows you to, at your ease, analyze and appreciate its varying perfumes.

NV Clos des Cazaux Grains de Novembre
Vintage: NV
Grape Varietals: 100% Grenache Blanc
ABV: 13.5%
Aging: Barrel fermented and aged for 24 months in French Oak Barrel
Serving Temp: 50-55°F
Closure: Cork
Agricultural Method: Sustainable
Production: 600 bottles

Wine Making Notes:

Grape Variety : 100% White Grenache.
Land: Slopes of Aptien cobalt or grey clay.
Maturing: 2 years in barrels
Winemaking: Harvested at up to 24° potential alcohol content. Alcoholic fermentation to 13.5% vol and 190 g/l sugar left. Fortified with SO2.
Date of Harvesting: Between the 15th Oct. and 15th Nov. Sorted three times.
To Drink: Should be served at 14°c. Bottle should be opened 30 mins before serving.


Excellent with foie gras and sweet onion preserve, parsley cheeses that always pair well with great liqueur wines. It is also a good match with desserts such as dried fruit cakes (apricots, figs & nuts). It can harmonize with all of the above due to its lovely balance of residual sugars.

Product Formats:

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