2017 Onepio Lugana Bianco

Producer: Onepio Winery
Country/Region: Italy - Veneto - Lugana DOC

Soft, harmonious, full and well-balanced wine with straw yellow color. It impresses the nose thanks to its multifaceted and fragrant perfume, that gives off almond and citrus emotions, where it’s possible to recognize even a fresh pineapple touch.

2017 Onepio Lugana Bianco

Vintage: 2017
Grape Varietals: 100% Trebbiano di Lugana
ABV: 13%
Aging: No oak. Ageing on the lees for 6 months, plus an extra month in the bottle.
Serving Temp: 50-55°F
Closure: Cork

Wine Making Notes:

Grapes are grown on Clayish soils with Southern Sun exposure. The vineyards is 14 hectares in size (34.6 acres)
The best grapes are exclusively harvested by hand in small 15-kilo wooden basket that are placed in a refrigerating room for one day.
Later, the grapes are washed with a special ozone treated water. After drying, the grapes are divided in two batches.
The first batch undergoes the maceration, process connected to tradition, that leaves the obtained must in contact with the skins in a tank (one day), so it’s possible to obtain an higher extract of colors and perfumes, respecting the organoleptic features of the wine.
The second batch faces a process more linked to innovative technology, so the grapes are pressed vacuum-sealed directly with the wine press at cold-temperatures. In this way the must is oxidized as little as possible.
Both processing methods allow conferring a more complex gustative and visual aspect to the final product. The must decants for 24 hours, in order to eliminate the most unrefined particles. During the alcoholic fermentation, selected yeasts are added at the temperature of 19°C.

RS: 5 gr/L
Dry extract: 23.9 gr/L
TA: 6.40 gr/L


Perfect as an aperitif. It is also delicious with starters, fresh cheeses, black truffle dishes, fish and white meat.

Product Formats:

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