Domaine Guillemot-Michel
France - Burgundy

This 7-hectare estate is located in the commune of Quintaine, adjacent to the village of Clessé, South of Burgundy. Quintaine is recognized as producing some of the finest wines of the Mâconnais, having a special microclimate created by its proximity of the Saone river. The vineyard is on clay and limestone based soil & has been cultivated through biodynamic and organic methods since 1991.

Current owners Pierrette and Marc Guillemot took over the domaine from Pierrette's parents in 1985. Pierrette and Marc are both oenolgists from the school of Beaune and post-graduates from Montpellier. After earning a degree in Agronomy and Oenology, their daughter Sophie joined the estate in 2012, specializing in the production of Marc de Bourgogne. Sophie's husband, Gautier Roussille, also an oenologist, joined the Estate in 2017. 

The Estate is divided between 7 parcels located in the 5 following lieux-dits:
- Champ-Rond (2.7 hectares)
- Champ-Choley (0.8 hectares)
- Le Chêne (1.5 hectares)
- Raverettes (1.0 hectares)
- Chapelle Saint Trivier (0.5 hectares in total) with 3 different parcels (Pesselières 0.2 hectares, Cordonières 0.1 hectares et Lie-Monin 0.2 hectares)

Reviews and News

Domaine Guillemot Michel - June 2020 - WA

Domaine Guillemot Michel - June 2020 - WA

wa300"As I've written before, this seven-hectare estate in the hamlet of Quintaine is one of the best producers in the Mâconnais and deserves to be much better known. Pierrette Guillemot's father was one of the founders of the Viré-Clessé cooperative, but she and her husband, Marc, elected to quit in 1985, converting first to organic and then, in 1991, to biodynamic farming. In 2013, their daughter Sophie joined the team, followed by her husband, Gautier Roussille (author, inter alia, of an impressive guide to Sake). All of the domaine's holdings are planted with massal selections of Chardonnay, with the oldest vines dating back to 1918. Like their neighbors, the Thevenets, the Guillemots harvest ripe grapes, fermenting and maturing the wines on the lees at their own pace. Botrytis, a relatively common occurrence due to Quintaine's humid mesoclimate, is embraced. These are honeyed, concentrated wines that are imbued with remarkable concentration and energy and develop beautifully in the cellar. Their strong personality is a world away from the insipid and ephemeral whites that shape many consumers' perceptions of the region, but that is precisely why they merit attention. Anyone visiting the domaine can't fail to be struck by the meticulousness that the Guillemot family bring to all their endeavors—whether it's their vegetable garden, their immaculately restored farmhouse-winery or their wines. But of course, it isn't necessary to visit—you can taste the results in the glass. – William Kelley"

- The Wine Advocate (Issue 249, June 30th 2020)



Producer Details
Wine Production Area
France - Burgundy - Vire Clesse
Marc, Pierrette and Sophie Guillemot, and Sophie's husband, Gautier Roussille.
Marc, Pierrette and Sophie Guillemot, and Sophie's husband, Gautier Roussille.
17 acres (7 hectares)
Grape Varietal(s)
Age of Vines
60 years
Agricultural Practices