Felix Solis
Spain - Castilla-La Mancha

Marques de Moral is produced at the Bodega Félix Solís, Spain's leading producer of 750ml bottled wine. This is a family operation founded in the 1950's with more than 26,000 oak barrels and an annual production of some 90 million liters.

Félix Solís, S.A. began its career in 1952, the year in which its founder, D. Félix Solís Fernández, moved to Valdepeñas to establish a family winery, drawn by the fame and quality of the region’s wines.

The Solís family had a background in the wine trade since the nineteenth century, through the Camino Real, linking Madrid and Andalusia. From their first elaborations in the "Casa del Cura del Huerto", the winery has flourished. The partnership with winemaker Domingo Maroto in the 60’s allowed Félix Solís to bottle quality wines in Madrid that were traditionally marketed in skins or large tanks, giving them an added value, that thousands of bars and restaurants appreciated. Given the need to elaborate and bottle at source, following the creation of DO Valdepeñas in 1968, the current winery was built in the 70’s.

The 500 hectares of vineyards are situated between Campo de Calatrava and Montiel in La Mancha province of Ciudad Real. This area is characterized by its gentle countryside, rolling plains and soft hills. The soil is rich in clay and chalky soils. Scarce rainfall and extreme temperature differences between day and night contribute to a naturally healthy viticulture, yielding low production and concentrated wines that are rich and complex.


Producer Details
Wine Production Area
Spain - Castilla-La Mancha - Valdepenas
The Solis Family
1,236 acres (500 hectares)
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