Fullerton Wines
United States - Oregon

Great wine speaks profoundly, a universal language transcending any one culture. Hailing from northern Europe, the Fullerton family speaks many languages, and delights in sharing the language of wine with others. Fullerton Wines crafts elegant and distinctive Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays that transport you to their place, Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

fullerton family

A family of enophiles, the Fullertons can trace their love of wine to Eric, who was first introduced to wine growing and production during his teenage years when he worked as a cellar hand in Germany (a story in and of itself). A few years later, his best friend in Denmark inherited an impressive cellar of Bordeaux and Burgundy wines. Together, they sought younger bottlings of the cellared wines, and held vertical tastings. Their interest in wine grew, and they began traveling throughout France discovering new producers to fuel their expanding passion.
When Eric and Susanne met in Stockholm, it did not take long for Susanne to fall in love with Eric and the wines he respected. Marriage soon followed, and they continued tasting, savoring, and cellaring wine.
Fullerton Wines began in a garage in 2011. Alex and Eric partnered with their good friend Roger Wallberg and made a few barrels of Pinot Noir. Despite the challenging vintage, the wine impressed and Fullerton Wines was born.

momtazi vineyard

At Fullerton Wines, the pursuit of great wine guides them to organic and biodynamic farming methods because of its ability to build up healthy soils while also sequestering carbon into the soil (thereby helping to mitigate climate change). Through these methods, they improve the aggregate stability, drainage, water-holding capacity, and infiltration of the soils. They also reduce erosion and nutrient leaching.

Producer Details
United States
Wine Production Area
United States - Oregon - Willamette Valley
Eric, Susanne & Alex Fullerton
Alex Fullerton
0.5 acre
Grape Varietal(s)
Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Syrah
Annual Production
11,300 (9-liter cases)