Terre dei Buth Societa Agricola
Italy - Veneto

Paolo Marion, a third generation winemaker, began managing family-owned vineyards with his brother, Massimo, in 1999. Their father had produced grapes to sell in bulk. Paolo studied oenology at the School of Winemaking in Conegliano, one of the most renowned in Italy. Together they made the conversion to organic farming, and in 2003, Paolo founded his own company and invested in new winemaking equipment to produce high quality wines made with the Charmat method. He created his own brand - Terre dei Buth - and began distributing his bottled wine in 2017. He earned the nickname "Prosecco Genius" from British wine writer Matthew Jukes.

terre dei buth paoloOwner & Winemaker Paolo Marion

"Terre" means "Lands" and "Buth" means "Bud" in a Venetian dialect, hence the name "Lands of buds" - you can see buds of every type come out from the characteristic gravely soil of the vineyard during Spring.

In the Prosecco DOC Treviso area, due to the high humidity levels and the frequent rainy days, it is very difficult to produce wine using organic methods. Hundreds of millions of bottles of Prosecco are produced in the area, but only 1% is organic. A drip irrigation system prevents water from being wasted; they use organic fertilizers that do not contaminate the soil; defoliation and lopping improves the ventilation of the bunches; hoeing and earthing-up negates the use of chemical herbicides.

Terre dei Buth comprises 50 acres of vineyards (40 acres Glera, 7 acres Pinot Grigio, 2.5 acres Chardonnay & .5 acre Raboso), with an annual production of 21,000 9-liter cases.  

Producer Details
Wine Production Area
Italy - Veneto - Prosecco di Treviso DOC
Paolo Marion
Paolo Marion
50 acres (20 hectares)
Grape Varietal(s)
Glera, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Raboso
Agricultural Practices
Annual Production
21,000 (9-liter cases)