La Despensa Boutique Winery
Chile - Central Valley Region

At La Despensa, the team is proudly Colchagüino. All the wines are produced from grapes grown in the Colchagua Valley. They say they'll never make wines from another valley!

They get their classic Rhône-blend grapes from their own organic vineyard in Santa Ana.

  • In 2013, they planted the Rhône varieties of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre. They always (and always will) co-ferment grapes when they make wine - old-school style.
  • In 2016 they planted a small vineyard with Marselan grapes, which is part of the 2019 Field Blend.
  • In 2017 they planted some Roussanne (white) and Cinsault (they are the only producers of Cinsault in Colchagua!), both of which are part of the 2020 Field Blend.
  • They also grow Marsanne and Viognier - two other classic white Rhône varietals - that started producing in 2021. They harvested Sangiovese for the 1st time in 2021, and it turned out amazing!!
  • Cabernet Sauvignon comes from grapes in the foothills of the Andes, from a friend's biodynamic vineyard where altitude (800m) plays an important role in producing high quality grapes. They get more freshness and elegance than the typical Cabernet Sauvignon from Central Valley.
  • The Pais (Mission) grapes come from a historic vineyard in Pumanque. It's truly amazing - a real piece of history with vines of around 150 years of age. There are very few hectares of Pais left in Colchagua ... in fact, according to SAG, Pais does not exist in Colchagua, and that is why La Dispensa is not allowed to mention 'Pais' and 'Colchagua' on their wine label!
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Chile - Central Valley Region - Colchagua Valley
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