Civil Life Brewing Co

Jake Hafner had just decided to sell his wine bar, named 33, and begin his next food and drink venture. It was around that time that 33 employee Dylan Mosley threw a party featuring his home brews. The folks at the party agreed that the beer was good, and Jake saw an opportunity – he bought a pro-consumer homebrew system and decided that he, along with Dylan and Mike Bianco, would start a brewery.

They got to work right away. Dylan attended brewing school at Siebel institute in Chicago while Mike continued brewing. The brewed and tested a lot of batches, comparing ingredients, yeast strains and hops, until they found the recipes that worked. In 2011, they founded Civil Life Brewing.

Jake is the owner and self-proclaimed ‘Captain of the Barley Ship'. Dylan is the ‘Head Beer Magician’and driving force behind the brewery side of the operation. After a move to Florida in 2013, co-founder Mike – who was instrumental in the brewery’s early success - returned to the brewery two years later and offers support to the whole team.

Civil Life has 125 American made solar panels on their roof that produce between 30 and 35% of their power. These panels help power their 20-barrel brewhouse. They have a commitment to minimizing their environmental impact, as well as supporting their local community.

Each year on their anniversary (end of September), they give a ‘State of the Beer Union Address’ and release a new logo. Their logos are designed by local tattoo artist Joe Allhoff.

Producer Details
United States - Missouri - St. Louis
Jake Hafner, Dylan Mosley & Mike Bianco
Dylan Mosley
Annual Production
3,000 barrels