4th and 1

  • John Riggins 4th and 1 Pilsner

    4th and 1 can web

    This brew gets its name from Redskins Hall-of-Famer John Riggins' famous game-changing 4th & 1 touchdown in 1983's Superbowl XVII. Riggins helped the Redskins earn their first Superbowl victory and was named the Superbowl MVP.

    Riggins also helped the folks at Escutcheon Brewing craft this beer! It is, technically speaking, a German-style Pilsner. It's brewed with only classic pilsner ingredients: true-to-style 2-row pilsner and dextrin malts, and noble, old-world hops including German hops Perle & Tettnanger, and the Czech hop, Saaz. The water profile is dialed in to have specific characteristics of mineral-rich deep water wells found in Europe.

    Enjoy this brew cold from the can or on tap at restaurants around the Virginia, Maryland & DC areas.