Susquehanna Shady Spot Lemon Shandy
United States - Pennsylvania - Pittston

Shandy may be fairly new to these shores, but the idea of beer and lemonade mingling together in beautiful, refreshing, taste bud tingling harmony has been known overseas for centuries. Originally brewed in England as shandygaff and in Germany as Radler, there’s nothing more appropriate on a hot summer’s day than a shandy. And because you should never mess with a good thing, Shady Spot is brewed the traditional, dry, English-style way. Sure, we could have spent our afternoons trying to out-do the classic, but it’s hot out there, and we needed a shandy.

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Susquehanna Shady Spot Lemon Shandy - GOLD MEDAL - World Beer Cup

Susquehanna Shady Spot Lemon Shandy - GOLD MEDAL - World Beer Cup

world beer cup 2016Susquehanna Brewing Co. was awarded a gold award in the fruit beer style category for its Shady Spot Shandy, a lemonade-infused ale brewed the traditional dry, English-style way that makes the perfect quencher on a hot summer’s day. Shady Spot is the most handcrafted brew in Susquehanna’s lineup. Each batch of the lemon mixture that goes into the ale-based brew is carefully blended by hand. Susquehanna Brewing Co. is a 50 barrel craft brewery located in Pittston, Pennsylvania, USA whose specialty since opening in 2012 has been leveraging their families’ six generations of beer brewing heritage to craft perfect, drinkable beer that appeals to the taste buds of today’s market, and is produced in an environmentally responsible fashion. This beer really is “brewed right.”

 Beau Baden joined the Susquehanna Brewing Co. team last month as Brew Master. Beau won many prestigious brewing awards throughout his career; among them are four medals from the Real Ale Festival in Chicago; two Gold, one silver, and seven bronze medals at the Great American Beer Festival; and two World Beer Cup medals.

“Brewed right,” is right.

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Producer Information: Susquehanna Brewing Company

Susquehanna Brewing Company (SBC) was founded in 2010, but their roots in brewing go back much further. Their story starts in 1836, when Charles Stegmaier, at the age of 15, ...
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