Nonna Anna

In the lush, beautiful Monti Picentini mountain range you will find Azienda Nonna Anna. Founded in 2013, owner Samuele Elia named his winery after his mother and grandmother, both named Anna (‘Nonna’ is dialect for grandma). Samuele’s mother Anna used to produce wild fennel liqueur at home, and it was her product that inspired Samuele to start his own business. His father Antonio also makes a vital contribution to the business, as he travels along Mount Monna in search of the most perfumed fennel.

nonna anna harvest

This wild perfumed fennel is the basis for Nonna Anna’s Finocchietto, and the fragrant lemons of the Amalfi coast create the Limoncello. Only these two digestivos are produced, allowing Samuele and family to focus all efforts on making these in the most artisanal way, with no dyes and no synthetic aromas.

Producer Details
Italy - Salerno - San Cipriano Picentino
Samuele Elia
Samuele Elia