Nonna Anna Finocchietto
Italy - Salerno - San Cipriano Picentino

Finocchietto, meaning "fennel" in Italian, is a spirit infused with hand-picked wild fennel, fennel seed, and anise seeds. Nonna Anna's Finocchietto is inspired by the recipe of owner Samuele Elia's mother, Anna.

With aromas and flavors of liquorice, this sweet liqueur is an easy drinker.

Special Ingredients
Water, Sugar, Alcohol

An excellent digestive best served cold, it is excellent with desserts, especially with chocolate and hazelnut cakes.

Reviews and News

Nonna Anna Finocchietto - 89 PTS - WE

Nonna Anna Finocchietto - 89 PTS - WE

wine enthusiast 89 pts"Look for a bright lime-lollipop green hue and anise scent. The palate is sweet and quite viscous, resounding with anise, licorice and fennel. The overall effect is reminiscent of absinthe, but sweeter and not as powerful. Pour over ice, as it melts it thins the consistency a bit."
- Wine Enthusiast (October 2018), 89 pts

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Producer Information: Nonna Anna

In the lush, beautiful Monti Picentini mountain range you will find Azienda Nonna Anna. Founded in 2013, owner Samuele Elia named his winery after his mother and grandmother, both named ...
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