Escudero Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The Escudero family has a rich history in both winemaking as well as olive production. Their special production ‘Legend of Becquer’ is an ode to the great romance poet Gustavo Adolfo Becquer, who found inspiration in the Erbo Valley.

Bécquer de Leyenda is an extra virgin olive oil, extracted from the best olive varieties: Arbequina and Tosca. The Arbequina is a variety rooted in the Ebro Valley, because of its high resistance to low temperatures. Soft, lightweight, delicate and sweet olive oil is extracted through this fresh & fruity variety. The Tosca is a variety that is also very resistant to cold temperatures. Its origins come from the region of Tuscany in Italy, in which one of most important olive oils are produced in the world. The Tosca matures several weeks earlier than the Arbequina and performs very well in mechanical harvesting. The profile of the oil from Tosca olives is very fruity, dominated by fresh green leaf, grass and artichoke, combined with hints of spice and herb. This olive oil is very well balanced and has a persistent finish.


Bécquer de Leyenda is considered a high-quality craftsman olive oil, obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means, therefore it has a high nutritional value. Unfiltered to preserve its aroma and flavor.

Producer Information: Bodegas Escudero

The Escudero family has been making wine and growing grapes, for four generations, in the rugged, semi-desert foothills around Grávalos in the southwestern corner of the Rioja Baja region. Over ...
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