Smeraldina Still Water
Italy - Sardinia - Tempio Pausania

Acqua Smeraldina is naturally clear and colorless and has a balanced mineral salt content (fixed residue at 180° of 190 mg/l). This makes it a natural mineral water with a perfect balance of sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium, good for reinforcing the bone structure, for the circulation and for stimulating the body's intestinal and hepatic functions.

The consumption of mineral water contributes to the harmony and the equilibrium of the organism.

Acqua Smeraldina has a natural low mineral content and, thanks to its granitic origin, has a balanced mineral salts content, indispensible for growth and fundamental during adulthood.

Acqua Smeraldina is bacteriologically pure, has a light, pleasant taste, and the harmony of its compounds produces a beneficial effect typical to low mineral content waters: it stimulates diuresis, helps the organism to reduce water retention, facilitates the elimination of toxins and is extremely useful in preventing the forming of calculosis.

Producer Information: Smeraldina

Acqua Smeraldina originates from the Sardinian heartland, at the foot of Monte Limbara. It is pure water filtered through one-thousand-year-old micro-fractured granite rocks, typical of the Gallura area.

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