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La Petite Frog Picpoul de Pinet - Best Boxed Wines of 2022 - VINEPAIR

vinepair logo web"You heard it here first: Picpoul is the new Pinot Grigio. Light, simple, and somewhat neutral in flavor, this style is exemplified by Le Petite Frog’s refreshing French white wine - ideal for poolside sipping on the hottest of days, yet a worthy 5 o’clock pour at the end of a work day in winter. What this wine lacks in character, it makes up for in crushability — which is another way of saying, it’s super drinkable and relatively low in alcohol (12.5 percent ABV) — ideal, considering each box contains the equivalent of four standard 750-milliliter wine bottles."

- Vinepair , 12 Best Boxed Wines, January 2022