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2007 Pearmund Vin de Sol -

"Made in the traditional Spanish style of being "baked" in small glass jars left in the sun. It's the Vidal varietal, and tastes a lot like sherry, but isn't fortified. Brian told us that traditionally (in Spain), each year after the wine is aged, the wine-makers hold a bit back from being bottled, and it gets added to the next year's batch, and so on every year. This way, the wine gets more and more complex as long as they keep making it. Pearmund employs this technique in making the Vin de Sol. The wine works as a nice digestif or even (as Brian put it) as an "adult iced tea." I'd never tasted Vin de Sol before, so I don't have much to compare it to. But I know I'm not all about most sherries. This was less heady than your typical sherry, with a smooth aroma and taste of dried fruit, nuts and a touch of caramel. I imagine retiring to the porch after a nice dinner with friends, bringing out a tray with glasses of chilled Vin de Sol, watching the late summer sun set while telling lively stories of the rebelliousness of our youths. Never mind that I live in a tiny apartment on 15th Street and I'm not even thirty. Not a porch in sight."

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